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Protection of the dog from parasites

Fleas are always in season

There is no longer a real season for fleas – fleas can multiply in a heated apartment all year round. The dog can get fleas just about anywhere. Regularly groom your coat by combing and brushing. In this way you will notice in good time whether your dog has fleas or ticks. You can prevent flea infestation with collars and dripping preparations from the vet. By the way, with some of these drugs you kill two birds with one stone, because they work not only against fleas but also against ticks. Home remedies such as garlic, vitamin B or essential oils hardly help against fleas – garlic in large quantities is more likely to harm the dog than the fleas.

When the dog already has fleas

If the dog already has fleas, the animal’s surroundings must also be treated. Because the numerous offspring of the fleas (up to 2,000 offspring per female flea) do not live on the dog, but in its environment. How to get rid of the fleas:

  • Vacuum thoroughly and frequently (including the car seats) and then dispose of the vacuum cleaner bags.
  • Wash fabrics and tumble dry them. Fleas and offspring are reliably killed when the humidity is below 50%.

Caution: Since the chemical club in the form of sprays and nebulizers can harm not only the fleas but also the other residents of the apartment, it should only be used sparingly and specifically if the other measures fail.

Anti-tick tips

The ticks often only transmit borreliosis pathogens after 12 to 24 hours. Therefore, you should always check your dog for ticks in the evening. Ticks on dogs, which are usually already large, should be removed immediately with tick tongs, which are available in pharmacies, for example. Place the forceps close to the bite site and carefully pull out the tick by twisting it. Electronic tick tweezers are useless. So that the tick does not release secretions that also contain pathogens, you should not experiment with it.

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Caution: do not smear any oil, alcohol, glue or nail polish on the tick! Never crush the tick on dogs or people.

When you’ve removed the tick, kill the tick in an alcohol-filled jar and then throw it away.