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Puppy mint hour

First lessons for the dog

Many clubs and dog schools offer so-called “puppy embossing games” and “puppy play lessons”. It is a good idea to allow your little dog to spend time among his own kind.

The puppy play lesson

In the puppy play lesson, he not only learns to assess his size and strength, but also what his mother can no longer teach him: perfecting the dog’s language, dealing with each other, the signals of attack and defense up to the sign of giving up. And of course there is also a lot of fun on the program: The puppies are allowed to play, run around as much as they want.

The puppy mint hour

In the formative games, dog children are relieved of their fear of everyday things in city life: they learn in a playful way what traffic, other people, noise and technical devices are all about. These hours also offer the young dog and its proud owner a great sense of achievement: You not only get to know each other better as a team, but also to date strangers.

Only under the supervision of an experienced dog trainer

However, you should only take part in both offers if they are carried out under the supervision of experienced dog instructors. They should help the puppy to develop well when dealing with other dogs. In the ideal case, this means: the anxious dog becomes more open to its surroundings, the drive learns to withdraw. One thing both of them will definitely be “dog tired” after such an hour.

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