Rampur Greyhound (North Indian Greyhound, rampur) / Rampur Greyhound

The Rampur Greyhound is a rare, smooth-haired greyhound native to Northern India. One of the strongest and most resilient dogs with an innate hunting instinct and excellent eyesight.


Rampur greyhound was bred in India. It is not known exactly whether this breed originates from a slyuga or an Afghan hound.

The Rampur greyhound is an excellent hunter. They took her with them to hunt leopards, lions, tigers, jackals. Greyhound runs very fast, which is very valuable for hunters in India. Also, dogs of this breed have courage and resilience. The time has come when in India interest in hunting has disappeared, and with it the popularity of the Rampur greyhound. Rich people stopped keeping the breed of these dogs in the house, and people of the middle class could not afford to feed the North Indian Greyhound.


The Rampur greyhound has clear differences from other breeds: a wide head, a long muzzle and pointed ears. Light eyes, framed by dark circles, emphasize how kind the breed is. Rampur greyhound looks very similar to the sluga breed – a muscular body with a thin waist and long legs, the breeds differ only in size, the rampurs are slightly larger.


Thanks to the developed muscles on the limbs and sharp eyesight, the greyhound can reach a high speed of up to 60 km / h or easily jump over a fence 2 meters high. On average, males grow 60-75 cm at the withers and females 55-65 cm. Males weigh 30-40 kg, and females 25-35 kg. Life expectancy is approximately 15 years.

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The tail of the Indian Greyhound is rather long and thin. The coat is smooth and short, most often black. But it can also be spotted, gray, brindle and white. Also, a distinctive feature of this breed is a strong back and deep chest.


Dogs of this breed have courage and endurance. The Rampur Greyhound is one of those breeds that remains faithful to its owner to the end. These dogs will be happy to be with their owner day and night, follow him wherever he goes. Do not be afraid to have an Indian Greyhoud in a house with children. Greyhound is very affectionate and will never show aggression towards people, but on the contrary, will love and protect the house in which he lives. But at the same time he will not tolerate other dogs next to him.

It is only important to remember that the dog needs to be taught to the company as a puppy. If the rampur greyhound is not properly trained, it may not get along with a lot of people in the house. If you plan to take an already adult dog, then you definitely need to find out in what atmosphere it grew up.

Considering that a greyhound requires constant physical activity and frequent walks, it cannot be kept in an apartment – for this breed, this is too small space. A private house in the country and a cottage outside the city are perfect for a Greyhound.


Initially, the breed was specially bred for hunting the feline family. Nowadays, the Greyhound is also kept for hunting, both wild animals and game. Rarely does anyone hold a ramp for beauty. It should be noted that today the breed is on the verge of extinction.

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The Rampur Greyhound requires ample living space. This can be a medium-sized yard or an aviary. If you plan to keep a Greyhound in an aviary, it should be large enough for the dog to run and play in.

By their nature, the rampurs are quite bony, so they can develop ulcers if the berth is hard. To keep the wool smooth and silky, it is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth. The main thing is to make sure that, being wet, the pet does not catch a cold in a draft. It is recommended to comb the coat with a greyhound once a week with a special brush.

In general, rampurs rarely suffer from any hereditary diseases. But they have a tendency to bloating in the digestive tract, achalasia and osteosarcoma. Therefore, these dogs need to be provided with the correct diet. His well-being will directly depend on the power supply of the rampur. It is best to feed the animal with special foods that are sold in pet stores, as they contain vitamins and minerals that support the life of the pet.

Also, the Rampur greyhound needs good grooming. She needs to be given enough exercise. If your dog is not trained, he may have frequent dislocations of the knee or patella, as well as muscle strain.

It should be remembered that you need to visit your veterinarian regularly to detect skin allergies, epilepsy, cryptorchidism, in order to prevent the disease in time.


The Indian Greyhound is inherently intelligent, obedient and easy to train, which means that she can be taught many commands and tricks in a short time, thanks to regular training. Training is advised to start at an early age, the sooner the better.

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Experienced dog trainers advise compulsorily to conduct “obedience training”. This procedure includes explaining to the dog that the owner needs to be obeyed without question. When raising, you should be firm, but at the same time not be harsh. You need to be fair, but not overdo it with dominance. The main thing is to gain the respect and trust of the pet, it is these components that are the key to success.

Do not forget, in order to achieve results, it is imperative to exercise daily. Only in this case can the dog be taught various tricks and commands.

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