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Rules for children

This is how children should behave

Dogs play a very special role for children: In dealing with them, they learn responsibility, care, friendship and consideration. But the right behavior when dealing with the dog has to be learned. The VDH has published the brochure “12 Rules for Handling Dogs” for this purpose. The golden rules are therefore:

  • Never disturb a dog while they are eating. Don’t try to take away his food.
  • Never run away from a dog. Not even if you are afraid of him!
  • No dog is like another. Therefore, be careful with every dog.
  • When playing with a dog, be careful not to get too close to its teeth.
  • If a dog reaches for you, hold still!
  • Never try to separate dogs that are fighting.
  • Avoid anything that a dog could perceive as a threat.
  • Don’t look a dog straight in the eye.
  • No matter how lovely a dog looks – only go to him if his owner has given you permission!
  • Do not pull the dog by the tail or step on it!
  • Make sure an adult is around if you want to play with a dog.
  • Treat a dog well.
  • Free brochure

    In the brochure, each rule is illustrated in color and explained in detail. There is also a task for each rule, e.g. describing, drawing, connecting, ticking and instructions for small role-playing games with a partner. They encourage you to deal with your own previous knowledge and feelings and offer good opportunities for discussion in the group. Self-activity includes self-control – at the end of the exercise book the children can therefore test what they have learned in a large dog quiz.

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    You can download the brochure free of charge from the VDH website or directly here.

    Download brochure now

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