Small Brabancon

general characteristics

The Little Brabançon puppy, also known as the Brabant Griffon, Petit Brabançon and Smooth-haired Griffon, is in many ways similar to a three-year-old toddler: he is just as curious and cheerful, cocky and smart, ready to spend hours interacting with adults and eagerly absorbing new information. Even in old age, dogs of this breed remain active and mobile, young at heart. Brabancons are not trained – they are brought up. Sly dogs perfectly understand the meaning of the commands pronounced by the owner and, to save their own time, they prefer to listen to and fulfill the owner’s request from the second or third time. The upturned nose of the Brabancons gives the animals a gallant and businesslike look. There are many rumors about snoring of small dogs with noses of a similar shape, but representatives of this breed do not make nasty sounds, do not snore, but only occasionally snore in their sleep.
Small Brabancons get along well with babies, so they will be a great first pet for a child. Unpretentious and easy to care for, representatives of this breed of dogs get along well with older people, so they can become a companion dog for a retired couple. Animals are very sociable, and without the constant company of a person they get bored. Yes, they can keep themselves busy with toys for a couple of hours, but not more. If you have the ability to take your pet everywhere, do it. Small Brabancons sit beautifully in the front passenger seat and behave superbly in the company of strangers.

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Every owner dreams of seeing his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
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Breed characteristics:
– Cute and playful dog
– Cheerful and cheerful
– Empathetic and attentive

Height: 20-25 cm
Age: 9-13 years old
Weight: 3.5-5 kg


Small Brabancon is a domestic dog that gets along well with cats and small rodents. He does not conflict with animals because of his cheerful nature, he loves children very much. Brabancon needs a firm master’s hand from the first days of life, otherwise the dog will turn into a small shrill monster.


Beautiful and cute, the Little Brabançon is a classic ladies’ dog that loves to travel with its owner.

Hair care

Once every few days it is necessary to comb the dog, removing dead hairs. During the shedding period, it is advisable to run a damp palm over the wool several times a day, cleaning it.

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Conditions of detention

The housing conditions for small Brabançon will be quite enough. Due to its compact size, the dog will happily explore the vastness of a city apartment, not showing a desire to run through the surrounding parks.


Small Brabancons are curious, but wary of outdoor walks due to their small stature. They are happy to sit in a shopping basket in a baby carriage, watching what is happening around; they love to settle in a cozy master’s purse, putting out their curious muzzle.

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