When the dog suddenly goes blind
Paw injury in dogs

Snakebite on the dog

Who gets sick?

Venomous snakes such as the adder are sometimes found in the vicinity of urban recreational areas. Still, bites are very rare as the snakes usually flee.

How do you recognize it?

After a bite, there are two small slit-shaped bite wounds that are difficult to spot. After a short time, the tissue around the bite swells. General symptoms such as respiratory paralysis, vomiting or circulatory shock can appear later.

What should I do?

Immediate transport to the vet has top priority. As the owner, you can only immobilize the dog’s leg in case the bite is there. Make note of the snake’s appearance. If a poisonous snake has actually bitten, the dog should definitely be under veterinary supervision for the next 24 hours. Antisera and fluid infusions can be used as treatment.

How can you prevent?

Do not let the dog run free in vulnerable areas. Keep your eyes open: snakes like to sunbathe on stones or by the wayside.

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