Studies show: That’s how good dogs are for children

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Studies show: That’s how good dogs are for children

If a dog lives in the household, this not only has a positive effect on the adults. Science has proven that dogs can promote children’s health. Those who grow up with a dog are also more likely to be more social than others. You can find out how strongly dogs influence child development here.

Children with dogs are sick less often

Even in infancy, dogs have a positive effect on us. A Finnish study shows that babies from dog households are sick less often than others. Their susceptibility to coughs, ear infections and other diseases is said to be 30% lower.

Dogs can also help prevent allergies. The number of pets is crucial, as a study by the University of Gothenburg published in the journal “PLOS One” shows. The more dogs or cats live in the household, the less likely the children are to develop allergies. According to an American study, the fact that children with pets are confronted with many bacteria at an early age makes the immune system more resistant.

In addition, dogs reduce the risk of developing asthma later in children, as the lung information service of the Helmholtz Zentrum München explains. Thanks to the dogs, young people also have more exercise. Children can play with dogs outside and teenagers have to move around even in rainy weather to take the dog for a walk. This also strengthens the immune system.

Children spend a lot of time outside with dogs. ©

Children learn from dogs

Those who grow up with a dog are more likely to be more social. A study by Cambridge University showed that these children are more careful with themselves and their environment.

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Aggressive or hyperactive children benefit from the calming effect of the dog. Researchers at the French University of Besançon found that children who live with a dog behave particularly socially: They are more sociable and less aggressive towards others.

Dogs have a calming effect. ©

Teenagers are happier with dogs

A study by the University of Bonn found that the risk of urban teenagers becoming criminals or drug addicts is lower if they live with a dog. The researchers interviewed 400 young people from Berlin. When the family relationship is unstable, dogs give young people a feeling of security, according to the study.

Dogs give young people a feeling of security. ©

Dogs do not fit into every household

Even if the animals have a very positive effect on child development, a dog should never be purchased for this reason alone. Dogs are demanding pets. Since the family has to meet its diverse needs, the acquisition of a dog should be carefully considered.