Symptoms of chronic bronchitis
Clinical picture Insufficiency of the tricuspid valves

Symptoms of acute bronchitis


This is an acute inflammation of the bronchi, i.e. the larger branched airways. It is often associated with inflammation of the upper airways or the lungs.

Disease origin and development

The cause can be viral, bacterial or parasitic infections, fungi or allergies. The pathogen usually reaches the bronchi via the air. At first there is an oversupply of blood in this area. In the further course, a stronger, sometimes even purulent, mucus secretion can occur. The initially dry mucous membrane is covered more and more by mucus.

Clinical picture – symptoms

The main symptom of acute bronchitis is the dry and loud cough, which is visibly painful. Similar to kennel cough, this can remain the only characteristic and pass again. But there can also be other symptoms, especially if the bronchitis is part of another underlying disease. The more the bronchioles are affected, the worse the general condition of the dog. It comes to inefficiency and breathing difficulties.


The prognosis depends on the underlying disease. In principle, however, acute bronchitis has a favorable prognosis.

Chronic bronchitis, laryngitis, upper airway obstruction, pneumonia, rhinitis, and tracheitis

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