Cheyletiellosis disease picture
Symptoms Allergic or atopic eczema

Symptoms of allergic contact eczema


An allergic contact dermatitis is an allergic reaction of the skin as a result of external contact with an allergen. This mainly affects thinly haired areas of the skin.

The allergens

The allergens include plants (poisonous ivy, poisonous oak), metals (cobalt, nickel), rubber, synthetic resins, carpet fragrances, topical drugs, detergents, anti-parasitic drugs, etc.

Clinical picture – symptoms

No racial predisposition was observed in allergic contact dermatitis. The acute signs of an allergic contact reaction are inflammation-related reddening of the skin, raised thickenings of the skin up to the size of a pea and pus vesicles. Changes in pigmentation and extensive skin thickening were also observed.


Avoid exposure to allergens. In any case, you should see a veterinarian immediately as your pet is suffering from the allergic reaction. The prognosis is usually favorable, but long-term treatment is required.

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