First aid basic rules

Basic rules of first aid First aiders have to be selfish: Your own safety comes first! Because it doesn’t help the needy if his helper is […]

Basic rules for living together with a dog

A dog can interpret many of our signals correctly, but we often unconsciously convey the wrong message to it and then wonder about the animal’s “strange” […]

Basic education tips

By Ursula Birr 1 Once is enough Regardless of what you ask your dog to do, whether to “sit”, “sit down” or “here”: As soon as […]

Basic courses for dogs

The basic course Basic course lessons are a very educational time. The four-legged friend gets to know the most elementary rules and terms: “” Sit “,” […]

Basic rules of dog nutrition: You have to pay attention to this

How a dog should be fed can depend on various factors, such as body size and daily performance. Again, some principles can be applied to any […]

The 8 most important basic commands for dogs

The main thing is that the dog behaves and doesn’t break anything? That is certainly the wrong motto for responsible dog owners. Because when a dog […]