Canine parvovirus disease

definition Parvovirus, which is caused by canine parvovirus (CVP 2), is an acute inflammation of the heart muscle (myocarditis) or inflammatory disease of the small intestine […]

Chronic canine liver disease

definition Chronic diseases of the liver include chronic persistent hepatitis, chronic aggressive hepatitis, chronic liver necrosis, liver fibrosis and liver cirrhosis. They are caused by chronic […]

Canine Cancer: Symptoms and Therapy

If the veterinarian makes a diagnosis of cancer, it is usually a huge shock for the dog owner. Cancer is still the leading cause of death […]

Canine Spondylosis – Symptoms and Therapy

Spondylosis is mostly discovered by chance – in the early stages it hardly causes any severe symptoms. But once it is discovered, action must be taken. […]

Canine epilepsy cause and treatment

Epilepsies are diseases of the brain that lead to recurring seizures with muscle cramps, as nerve cells in the cerebrum suddenly discharge. The epileptic seizures proceed […]