The command “here”

This is how the dog learns to follow Choose an area for training that is still unknown to your dog and as free from wilderness and […]

The command “sit”

Only practice with your dog where it is not distracted, for example in your apartment. Equip yourself with enough treats, toys and a dog leash. Exercise […]

The command “foot”

The goal At the end of the exercise, the dog should have learned to walk to the left or right of you. This is particularly important […]

The command “stay”

Useful in combination with other commands The easiest way for your dog to learn the command “stay” is through the basic commands “sit” and “sit down”. […]

The command “no”

The starting point The command “No!” is only given to the dog if something is forbidden to him. In this respect, this command cannot simply be […]

The command “place”

The command “place” is one of the most important basic commands that every dog ​​should be able to safely master. If the signal is “seated”, the […]