Food allergy in four-legged friends

definition A feed allergy or food allergy is itchy eczema due to diet-related allergens. causes The allergens are consumed with the food. The dog can have […]

Food and plants that are poisonous to the dog

What we like doesn’t have to be good for the dog. It can be very harmful to health and even death. The reason is that dogs […]

Food reward

Education with the help of treats The training methods for dogs are similar to diets for women: there are tons of them, and every year a […]

Tips against food theft

By Ursula Birr 1 And do not lead him into temptation Where there is nothing to steal, the dog never gets stupid ideas. Instead of in […]

Carefully dose food supplements for the dog

Too much of a good thing is unhealthy The rumor that industrially manufactured food does not meet the need for minerals and vitamins persists and makes […]

Dog food for carnivores

Allergy risk cereals A dog that has not had any problems with its food and always proves to be physically healthy is still not completely safe […]

The dog food test

The following is explained in more detail: Diet – healthy dog ​​food Movement – fun and games Discipline – rules and limits Affection and attention Diet […]

A dog also needs healthy food

Some dogs are fed a lot of barbecue and kitchen scraps. Of course, he thanks you with a friendly wag of his tail and the owner […]

What exactly belongs in high-quality dog ​​food?

How the dog got sick in recent years But what does the right diet look like for the dog? Even if the most diverse races determine […]