When humans and dogs get older

Sometimes I’ve wondered why dogs have such short lives, and I’m pretty sure it’s out of compassion for humans. Because if we suffer so much because […]

In old age, humans and dogs suffer from similar complaints

Sleep more, cuddle more and a lot of gray hair The males are a tiny statistical tick ahead. At least that of our readers. Of the […]

Zughund fun for humans and animals

Leisure time fun for humans and dogs Even before horses, draft dogs were the oldest draft animals in the world. Market traders, cheese factories and peddlers […]

Adventure playgrounds for humans and dogs

Intelligence toy to replicate Do you want to make your dog happy? Then we have just what you are looking for. A great game to build […]

This is how humans and dogs become a team

Puppy games and puppy imprinting Choosing a puppy means taking responsibility for raising the young dog: The little one has to be fed healthy, needs exercise […]