Nutrition young dog

The right ration for every breed Which food and how much of it a young dog gets has a major influence on its growth. Especially with […]

Balanced dog nutrition

Feeding the dog Dogs are hunters. Their diet would look accordingly in the wild: not only the captured animals, but also their intestinal contents and, if […]

Avoid unbalanced nutrition for the dog

Mineral supply in the dog There are still many legends and half-truths about the correct calcium supply, although it has now been proven that both a […]

Nutrition tips for large dogs

More food is not everything Every dog ​​needs food that is tailored to its body and needs. A large dog obviously needs more food than a […]

Nutrition tips for small dogs

So that the dog stays healthy Whether small or large dog, one rule applies to everyone: Do not give your dog more energy than it consumes, […]

Nutrition of performance and sport dogs

Nutrition for the active Dogs that are challenged above average need special treatment in terms of nutrition. This does not apply to the family dog ​​who […]

Basic rules of dog nutrition: You have to pay attention to this

How a dog should be fed can depend on various factors, such as body size and daily performance. Again, some principles can be applied to any […]

Vegetarian nutrition for dogs: is that possible?

With vegetarian dog food, four-legged friends do without meat. In contrast to vegan feeding, animal products such as milk or eggs are allowed in the bowl […]

The right nutrition in every phase of life

The life phases of dogs can be roughly divided into three phases: the growth phase, adulthood and senior age. In the three phases, the diet has […]