First aid basic rules

Basic rules of first aid First aiders have to be selfish: Your own safety comes first! Because it doesn’t help the needy if his helper is […]

Basic rules for living together with a dog

A dog can interpret many of our signals correctly, but we often unconsciously convey the wrong message to it and then wonder about the animal’s “strange” […]

Feeding rules for dogs

Many old breeders and experienced dog owners still recommend fasting the dog one day a week. On this day the dog should only drink water. The […]

Basic rules of dog nutrition: You have to pay attention to this

How a dog should be fed can depend on various factors, such as body size and daily performance. Again, some principles can be applied to any […]

Rules for children

This is how children should behave Dogs play a very special role for children: In dealing with them, they learn responsibility, care, friendship and consideration. But […]

Rules for parents

Respect and tolerance For children, a dog is more than just an animal friend: having one’s own pet promotes tolerance, a sense of responsibility and the […]