Tournament dog sport

Unique selling points, the capital of the THS The unique selling points that are important for the development of the THS are vividly emphasized in the […]

Schutzhund sport

Schutzhundesport The Schutzhund – nowadays often referred to as a sports dog – is characterized by its high resilience and universal application. He has to assert […]

Nutrition of performance and sport dogs

Nutrition for the active Dogs that are challenged above average need special treatment in terms of nutrition. This does not apply to the family dog ​​who […]

Sled dog sport

Formative experiences My wife and I had always thought about buying a dog. It happened after attending a sled dog race in our area. After the […]

Which sport suits me and my dog?

If you want to offer your dog more than just walks and intelligence games, you should try one of the many different dog sports. Because there […]