Tips for unadulterated bathing pleasure

Bathing and swimming in the cool water is a real change and joy for many dogs. There are a few rules to keep in mind so […]

Seven tips for dog duos & more

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Tips against food theft

By Ursula Birr 1 And do not lead him into temptation Where there is nothing to steal, the dog never gets stupid ideas. Instead of in […]

Tips against the dog as a garbage chute

By Ursula Birr 1 shut up The safest solution is a well-fitting muzzle that allows the dog to pant and drink, but prevents it from ingesting […]

Tips for moving with your dog

By Ursula Birr 1 Security within your own four walls The abrupt change of home, the environment, the dog friends and the walks unsettled the creature […]

Tips for driving with a dog

1 luggage compartment behind bars Big dogs in particular are best accommodated in the luggage compartment in a station wagon, SUV or van. Because they are […]

Nutrition tips for large dogs

More food is not everything Every dog ​​needs food that is tailored to its body and needs. A large dog obviously needs more food than a […]

Nutrition tips for small dogs

So that the dog stays healthy Whether small or large dog, one rule applies to everyone: Do not give your dog more energy than it consumes, […]

Basic education tips

By Ursula Birr 1 Once is enough Regardless of what you ask your dog to do, whether to “sit”, “sit down” or “here”: As soon as […]