Teaching the dog the command “Bye-bye”

The trick “Bye-bye” is that the dog, at the command of the trainer, starts waving its paw, pretending to say goodbye to him.

To learn this trick, it is necessary for the dog to execute the command “High five” or “Give a paw” into the void. If your pet is not familiar with these commands, then first practice one of them.

Keeping the paw in the air is a rather tense posture, so most dogs do not just hold the paw still, but begin to row. Which is exactly what is required for this trick.

Teaching the dog to wave its paw step by step

During training, you will need to move some distance from the dog. At the same time, many pets cannot sit still, but try to move closer to the trainer. To prevent this from happening, it is recommended to put the animal on a low object – it can be a box or a box.

Place the box on the floor and tell your dog to climb onto it and sit down.

Teaching the dog the command "Bye-bye"
Putting the dog on the box

Take a step back, grab the treat, and reach your hand with the treat towards the dog, palm down. Command “Give a paw”, wait for the dog to touch your hand, and give the treat. Repeat the exercise several times.

Teaching the dog the command "Bye-bye"
The dog performs “Give a paw”

Then step back a little further and extend your hand again. At this stage, you should stand at such a distance that the dog barely touches your hand. Say “Gimme a paw” again and reward when your pet does everything right.

Teaching the dog the command "Bye-bye"
We keep our hand at such a distance that the dog barely touches it

Now step back even further and make the dog give a paw when it can no longer touch you. When your pet lifts its paw into the air and starts waving, praise and reward it.

Teaching the dog the command "Bye-bye"
Moving further away from the dog

So that the dog does not lower its paw immediately, but makes a waving movement, track when it wants to lower its paw and at this moment repeat the command “Give your paw”. In this way, the flapping motion will be maintained.

Using this scheme, you can continue to increase the distance between you and the dog up to 3 meters. Gradually stop using the box and train your dog to wave while sitting on the floor.

Over time, replace the command “Give your paw” with “Bye, bye”, and the outstretched hand with a more appropriate gesture, such as waving.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to wave both paws. For example, when you extend your right hand, it waves its left paw, and when you raise your left hand, it waves its right.
  • Ask the dog to alternately raise the right and then the left paw. From the outside it will look like the dog is dancing.
  • Learn the greeting. Now, instead of swinging, the pet should raise its paw up and freeze in this position for a few seconds. For this trick, it is better to enter a new command, for example, “Hello!”.
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