Teaching the dog the command “Gentleman”

The Gentleman trick is that the dog lies down and puts one paw on the other… Some dogs cross their front legs spontaneously when lying down, and it looks very graceful.

If your dog does this on its own, then you just have to reinforce the already formed behavior with the clicker. Just click each time the dog places its paws on top of one another, and then reward.

Teaching the dog the command "Gentleman"
Crossing paws on command “Gentleman”

In the event that such a habit does not exist, then it can be developed. For this you will need an aid, such as a stick or ruler, as well as knowledge of the “Gimme a paw” command

Stand in front of the dog, point the tip of the stick at it and say, “Give your paw.” Wait for the dog to touch the stick with his right paw, click and reward (if you are not using the clicker, just give the treat). Practice this exercise several times and make sure your dog does it flawlessly.

Teaching the dog the command "Gentleman"
Teaching your dog to touch a target

Further it is necessary to transfer this exercise to a lying position… That is, you give the dog the command to “Lie down”, point the tip of the stick at it and force it to touch it without changing its position.

Teaching the dog the command "Gentleman"
“Give your paw” from a prone position

When your pet learns to perfectly perform this exercise, you can move on to the final stage and learn how to cross paws.

Do the following: stand in front of the dog and hold the stick to the right of the left paw very close to the ground… Tell your dog to touch the tip. The dog should lift the right paw and throw it over the left. If everything worked out that way, reward the dog.

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Teaching the dog the command "Gentleman"
We hold the stick next to the left paw

If the dog falls over and cannot reach the stick in any way, break the exercise into several small parts. First, place the tip closer to the left paw or even rest it on the paw and practice this option. Then gradually complicate the trick by pushing the stick behind the left paw.

When the dog understands exactly what the point is, enter the command “Gentleman”… Remember that in the future it is necessary to abandon the use of an auxiliary device and teach the dog to perform the trick only on command.

Trick options

  • Practice a similar exercise with the other paw.

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