Teaching the dog the “Crab” trick

The “Crab” trick is that the dog stands in front of the trainer and begins to run sideways with him. In this case, the pet must take either very small steps, or cross its paws.

To teach your dog this trick, get him into the “Front” position. When the dog is in the right position, take a half step to the side and again command “Front!”… Due to the fact that the distance to which you need to move is very small, most dogs step sideways. If your dog does this, actively praise him and give him a treat.

Teaching the dog the "Crab" trick
Dog in front position

If the pet refuses to move sideways, but instead runs obliquely, then you can take a long stick and use it as an aid. Keep the stick parallel to the dog so that it touches the side of the animal and does not allow it to go obliquely.

Teaching the dog the "Crab" trick
Helping the dog to walk sideways with a stick

Be sure to praise and reward your dog when it moves correctly, and especially when the dog stops touching the stick and continues to walk sideways on its own. Repeat the exercise several times, and over time, get the dog to do the exercise without your help.

You should enter the voice command “Crab” when your pet manages to independently run sideways for about a meter. Further complicate the trick and make the dog run longer distances.

Video: one of the options for learning to walk sideways

Exercise options

  • Practice lateral running to both the right and left sides. Two different commands can be used to indicate running to the right and to the left.
  • Teach your dog to run sideways without your help. In this variation, you remain in place, while the dog moves in the right direction.
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