Teaching the dog the “Ostrich” trick

The trick “Ostrich” is that at the command of the trainer, the dog must tuck its head under the blanket and in this position take the pose “Bow”. If your pet is not familiar with the Bowing exercise, then practice this skill first.

The clicker will come in handy for this exercise. With its help, the dog will more quickly understand which behavior is considered correct.

Next, take a blanket, lay it so that a small “entrance” is formed, and put a treat there. Take the dog to the blanket and show that there is a tasty morsel hidden underneath. When the dog pokes his nose to get the treat, click and then treat him with another bite. Repeat the exercise several times.

Teaching the dog the "Ostrich" trick
The dog is looking for a treat under the blanket

When the pet has mastered this task, you can add the “Bow” command. Wait for the dog to stick his nose under the blanket, and at this moment say “Bow!”. Click and reward your pet if he did everything right.

If the dog pulls out its muzzle too quickly from under the blanket, and you do not have time to command “Bow”, then do the following: put the dog in front of the “entrance”, and stick your hand with a treat from the opposite side of the blanket. Position your hand so that it is at the “entrance”. When the dog reaches for your hand and sticks his nose under the covers, command “Bow!” At the same time, firmly hold the treat with your fingers and do not give it to the dog until he is in the desired position. Click and reward your pet when he does everything right.

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Teaching the dog the "Ostrich" trick
Helping your dog learn a trick

When the dog has fully mastered this group of exercises, you can replace the command “Bow” with the command “Ostrich”.

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