Teaching the dog the “Peeking” trick

The Peeking trick consists of the dog sticking its head between the trainer’s legs and then freezing in this position for a while. If you plan to perform in front of the audience, then face them, and place the pet behind you. This will help the audience better understand what you want to portray.

To teach your dog to look, order it to “Sit” and “Wait”, and stand with your back to it with your legs closed. Now spread your legs a little so that the dog’s head can crawl through the gap. Say “Ku-ku” and use a treat to get your pet to stick its head between your legs. Once the dog is in position, reward it. Repeat the exercise several times.

Teaching the dog the "Peeking" trick
The dog sticks his head between his legs

To keep your dog hanging out longer, gradually increase the time between command and reward. Over time, refuse to help with your hand and have the pet perform the trick on the voice command “Ku-ku”.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to look to the right or left of your feet. The training scheme is similar to the basic one: order the pet to take a position behind you, and then attract him with a treat from the right side. Get your dog to run his head as close to your leg as possible for a more effective performance. Enter additional commands for each new position.
Teaching the dog the "Peeking" trick
The dog looks out from the side
  • Place your dog near the entrance to the room and teach him to “look around” the room first before entering.
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