Teaching the dog the “Turnover” trick

The “Turn” trick is that the dog walks around the object or the handler’s leg. This is a fairly simple exercise that will come in handy not only for fun, but for some practical use as well.

The trick is taught according to the following scheme: Hold the treat close to the dog’s nose and slowly circle it around the selected object (for example, a lantern or floor lamp). Hold the treat close to your dog’s face and make sure it follows your hand. If the pet makes a mistake or walks away, do not give the treat and repeat the exercise. When the dog does everything right, praise him and give him a tasty bite.

The voice command “Turn around” should be pronounced and the pet should be encouraged only at the end of the route, so that he does not get used to stopping in the middle of the route. To consolidate the skill, repeat the exercise 5 times, then take a break.

Over time, try to use the treat less and less and get the dog to perform the trick only on a voice command and a pointing hand gesture.

Teaching the dog the "Turnover" trick
Turnover without the use of treats

Trick options

  • Teach your pet to “Turn” around objects in the distance. Start with a distance of 1 to 2 meters, gradually increasing it.
  • While walking, have your dog do the “Turn” around the tree.
  • Tell your dog to walk around you while you are standing with your legs crossed.
  • Teach your dog to “Wrap” around low objects such as a book or a bag.
  • Stand with your legs wide apart and tell your dog to walk around one of them. Help a little first so that she doesn’t confuse this trick with the Eight exercise.
  • Give your pet a rope and stand with your back to the tree. Using a combination of the “Hold” and “Turn” commands, make him wrap the rope around you. Then do a similar trick, but now the dog must free you.
  • If you have two dogs, then order one of them to make a “Turn” around the other while she is in the “Sit”, “Lie down” or “Stand” position.

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