Teaching the dog to command “Front”

The essence of the “Front” trick is that the dog comes up and stands in front of the trainer… Usually this exercise is not too difficult, but if you want to speed up learning, then use the clicker.

Take a treat and use it to make your pet stand straight in front of you. When the dog is in the desired position, click and reward him. Then turn slightly to the side and wait for the dog to stand in front of you again. If the dog is confused, help him take position with a treat. After that, click again and encourage. Repeat the exercise several times and get the dog to learn to get into the “Front” position without your help.

Teaching the dog to command "Front"

At the beginning of the training, it is better not to use voice commands or special hand gestures. Wait until the dog takes the desired position on its own about 10 times, and after that enter the command “Front”.

Also, make sure that the dog, standing in front of you, is not looking at the hand with the treat, but up. To do this, click and reward her every time she looks you in the eye.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to perform the “Front” command from a variety of positions, such as when you are standing sideways or with your back to it.
  • Order your pet to take a position “beside”, then command “In front”.
  • Teach your dog to move sideways with you, as described in the article “Crab move”.
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