Teaching your dog the Legs trick

This trick consists in the fact that the dog puts its front paws on the feet of a person and maintains this position while the person moves back and forth.

Training should begin by bringing the dog between your legs so that the shoulder joint of the dog is at the level of your knees.

Teaching your dog the Legs trick
Starting position

Slide the toes of the boots together to create a wedge.

Teaching your dog the Legs trick
We keep the socks in a wedge

Then bring your hand with the treat to the dog’s nose and start moving your hand in such a way that so that the dog, in the process of trampling in place, accidentally stands up or touches your boot with its paw – at this moment, give the treat. As soon as the dog has removed its paw from the leg and both of its paws are on the ground again, the feed of the treat stops.

Teaching your dog the Legs trick
Encouraging your dog when he puts his paws on his feet

In this way, several approaches are made until the dog begins to strive to put its paw on your leg by itself. After that, we begin to encourage only both paws on their feet.

It’s okay if the dog’s paws are not entirely on the boot, but, say, it will be kept on 2 toes on your foot. Subsequently, the dog itself will put its paws more steadily.

If at this stage of training, after the dog has put both paws on its feet, one of its paws slides off its feet and turns out to be on the ground, reward should be suspended. As soon as the pet puts its paw on your leg again, feeding resumes.

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Next, we begin to gradually train the dog to maintain balance on moving legs. You should start moving gradually, tear off only the tips of the feet from the ground, the heels should remain in place: alternately we raise the toe of the right leg, then the toe of the left leg. If the dog maintains balance and does not throw off its paws, we feed, if at least one paw flies off, we stop feeding and resume feeding the treat only after the dog itself puts the paw on its leg. It is important to constantly encourage your pet with your voice at all stages of training.

Teaching your dog the Legs trick
We start to move

At the next stage, we begin to completely tear off our legs alternately from the ground and begin to slowly move forward. At this stage, you can remove the tight guidance and feed the dog with the food off the nose. When the pet will confidently maintain balance while the person is rearranging his legs, you can remove the feeding in the process and give encouragement only after a few steps in the “Legs” position.

Congratulations! Your dog has successfully learned the Legs command!

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