Teaching your dog to jump onto objects

While most owners discourage jumping on furniture, there are several reasons why you should teach your dog this trick. Firstly, this exercise will allow you to create interesting scenes, and secondly, it can be useful in everyday life, for example, when traveling by car or when visiting a veterinarian.

This exercise is not recommended for puppies and dogs with musculoskeletal disorders. Check with your veterinarian about how safe jumping exercises are for your pet.

The purpose of this exercise – teach a dog to jump onto a sofa, ottoman or any other object on the command “Jump” and either stay on it or wait for the next command.

Teaching your dog to jump onto objects
Command “Jump” on the sofa

Jump training step by step

To practice this exercise, you will need a small object with a large surface area. The object must be non-slip, otherwise the dog’s paws will move apart.

Call the dog to the subject and show the treat. Then say “Jump”, pat your hand on the surface of the object and use a tasty morsel to encourage it to jump. As soon as she does, give the treat and praise.

Teaching your dog to jump onto objects
Encouraging the dog to jump

If necessary, you can take the dog on a leash and help it complete the task by gently pulling the leash in the desired direction.

Make the dog stand on the object for about 10 seconds. To do this, give her a treat while she is on the subject. First, reward it every second, then every 3 seconds, then every 6 seconds, and then gradually. This will teach your pet to wait and not jump off ahead of time.

Teaching your dog to jump onto objects
Feed your dog to stay on site

Then say “Down” and slap the floor. At the same time, keep your hand with the treat very low to the ground. When the dog jumps off, give him a bite and actively praise.

Teaching your dog to jump onto objects
Command “Down”

Repeat the exercise several times and achieve perfect command execution. If you see that the dog is doing it, go to complication. Gradually increase the height of the object and introduce new pieces of jumping furniture. Also teach your dog to jump on objects that are at some distance. To do this, use the “Jump” command and a pointing hand gesture.

Always match the size of the jumping object to the physical ability of your pet.

Trick options

  • While walking, find a wide stump or trunk of a fallen tree and order your dog to jump on it.
  • Tell the dog to jump onto the couch, and then perform a bunch of commands “Stand”, “Sit”, “Lie down” there.
  • Move away from the object some distance, then point at it with your hand and command “Jump”. When the dog is on the object, say “Turn” and then “Down”.
  • Teach your dog to jump onto swinging objects. To do this, you will need a board and two sturdy cylindrical objects such as tree trunks. Place the board on the trunks so that it sways a little when the dog jumps on it. Be sure to make sure that the structure is reliable so that the pet does not get injured. First, support the board with your hand so that the dog is not afraid to jump.
  • Dexterous miniature dogs can be taught to jump on a large ball and hold on to it for a while.

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