Teaching your dog to reverse

The Reverse exercise involves the dog walking backwards between the trainer’s legs. This trick looks especially impressive when you are at a considerable distance from the dog, and at first he just has to move back.

To teach a dog this trick, give her the command “Sit” or “Stand”, and yourself stand behind her with your legs apart. Take the treat in your hand and let the dog smell it.

Teaching your dog to reverse
The dog is standing in the starting position

Then slide the treat back between your legs. The dog must follow the tasty morsel and end up behind you. When the animal is in the right position, quickly close your legs and give the treat. Repeat the exercise several times.

Teaching your dog to reverse
The dog has passed between the legs, and receives encouragement.

When the dog learns to move backward well, enter the voice command “Back” or “Stunt”.

To teach your dog to move backward at a distance, put it in the starting position, take a couple of steps back and command “Back”. If the dog bumps into your legs, correct its route with a treat. Gradually increase the distance from you to the dog and bring it up to several meters.

Make sure that when moving backwards, the dog does not bump into anything, otherwise it will be afraid to perform the exercise.

Trick options

  • Teach your dog to do “Back” when he is facing you. To do this, she must first make a half turn, and then start five in your direction.

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