The 11 Best Positive Enhancers in Dog Training

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The 11 Best Positive Enhancers in Dog Training

If you train your dog, you can reward him in a variety of ways. With these 11 positive enhancers you can motivate your dog particularly well during daily training.

Food rewards

1. Dry food: The clear advantage is that it is quickly to hand and can be used anywhere. However, dry food makes your dog thirsty.

2. Food tube: Many dogs are crazy about it and are considered a jackpot reward for difficult things. The positive side effect is that licking lowers the level of arousal.

3. Chews: They are suitable, for example, when the dog is to learn to lie quietly next to the park bench. Positive side effect: chewing is relaxed.

Chewing has a positive side effect. © Iciak

Game rewards

They lead to a high level of arousal, after which the dog has to actively relax. Stroke, scratch or massage him if he likes. Alternatively, give something to chew or do a simple search game for treats so that he “comes down”.

1. Throwing games: Advantage: Many dogs love them and are suitable, for example, as a substitute for hunting. The downside is that the dog has to be warmed up because of abrupt starts and stops.

2. Dragging games: They can be used on the spot. Important: The dog should pull, not shake. Be aware of the risk of injury on smooth floors.

3. Search games: For many dogs they are a very high reward. Search games, for example, are ideal as alternative hunting training. The food pouch can be used effectively on dogs who like food. Positive side effect: Serves physical activity and stimulates thinking.

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Dragging games are fun for the dog. © Levicki

Environmental rewards

The environment can also be used to reward the dog. In this way you can motivate the dog without having to take anything with you.

1st scan: Let your dog observe the environment. This is a great amplifier for eye dogs. If the dog looks after game, you should mark this with the clicker or a word, he can keep looking as a reward. However, he shouldn’t chase the game. Before he jumps up, you should draw his attention to you again.

2. Sniffing: This is usually a very high quality and effective reward. The dog is allowed to explore its surroundings with its nose and discover different smells.

3. Digging: The dog is allowed to dig in the ground. Most dogs enjoy this a lot. However, you should be careful: intensive digging is exhausting and strains your back.

4. Rolling around: Most dogs find it very beneficial in the snow or in the grass. Positive side effect: the muscles are massaged, which in turn has a relaxing effect.

5. Water: Dogs who love water are particularly happy to accept this reward. Whether it’s just splashing around, drinking or actually bathing properly – depending on the dog’s needs, water can be used as a positive amplifier.

Many dogs love to wallow. ©

Positive reinforcement is effective

Rewarding the dog for desirable behavior is part of dog training. With these 11 amplifiers you can keep your dog happy in daily training and motivate him for more exciting training units.

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