Blind dog

The dog went blind. What to do and how to live with it?

When a pet is diagnosed with “blindness”, each owner thinks this is a sentence. In fact, living with a blind dog is not so easy, because you need to make an effort every day to ensure the full life of your pet, and this requires a lot of patience. The owner’s task is to teach the pet to live in a new way, to teach how to navigate in space. A pet that has lost its sight needs more care than usual.

After visiting the doctor, the owner needs to feel calm, do not panic. Often, the first thought that comes up after visiting the doctor is to get rid of the pet. But think not about yourself, but about your animal, how hard it is for him in such a situation. Other senses are better developed in blind people and dogs. The pet will feel your negative attitude and become depressed because of this, which is undesirable in this state.

How to keep a blind dog safe

  • From the day your dog lost his sight, safety must be observed. All family members should take care of the pet. Remove all dangerous items from the floor. Make sure the dog’s path is always clear. If she suddenly stumbles over an object, this can greatly affect her mental state. At first, you will need to show the dog the path from the bowl to the bed and the toilet, but then the dog will get used to it and everything will return to its normal course. Do not rearrange furniture in the apartment so that the dog can orient himself well. All the items that she uses, let them remain in the same place where they always.
  • If you start to notice that your dog bumps into various objects, you can buy him a vest with a restraining ring. Also, if you go on a visit or outdoors, do not forget to wear this outfit so that the pet can lead its usual way of life.

  • A blind dog is always in the danger zone. Forget about off-leash walks. Buy a tape measure or a long canvas leash so your dog is always there for you and doesn’t get lost. Such an animal should not be left alone on the street or in an unfamiliar environment for him, because the pet can get scared and even die.
  • Teach your dog simple, but very important commands for him now: “Stop!”, “Caution!”, “Steps”, “Move away”. If you want to touch the dog, then warn him in advance so as not to frighten the animal.
  • When you go outside, you can hang a bell or any object that makes sounds on your clothes so that your dog can hear you. At first, walk your dog only along familiar routes, where there are no threatening objects or holes.

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How to support a blind dog psychologically

  • Talk to your dog more often, because the voice of your beloved owner will make you live and move on. Communicate with her everywhere: on the street, at home, at a party. If there are any obstacles on the way – warn your pet.
  • Don’t let your pet be alone. Help your dog to develop sound instincts: play with squeaky toys, praise and give a treat. Remember that you should not allow your pet to withdraw into itself – it is very difficult psychologically and physically to overcome blindness.
  • Blind dogs often experience personality changes. Once kind and trusting pets with loss of vision can become insecure or aggressive, anxious – what if they forget about me, and what if they don’t feed me? … You should support a dog that finds itself in a similar situation, do not get angry and do not scold it. Behave as usual, do not focus too much on negative behavior.
  • All this is temporary, if you support your blind dog, then soon she will get used to this state and will consider it the norm, then it will become much easier for all of you.

Animals, like humans, need support and attention, but this does not mean that your whole life needs to be turned over due to the fact that your dog has gone blind! Of course, there are certain rules and tips that we described above, but basically, lead a normal life and your dog will soon get used to this situation and will live a normal dog’s life.

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