This is how the dog learns with joy

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This is how the dog learns with joy

“Positive Reinforcement” is a method of parenting that always works. For example with you: when your boss thanks you for your particularly committed work, he uses exactly this “trick”. What is the result? You will be happy to put in more overtime for him. You also use this method to influence others: The grateful smile to your wife for the morning coffee, the cheers at the sight of the scary children’s drawing of your three-year-old Filius – that is also positive reinforcement.

Every praise is also a lesson for the dog

In your opinion, serious praise has nothing to do with psychological warfare? Not correct. Like it or not, whether you call it praise, positive feedback or positive reinforcement, every time you send these signals you are teaching the other person a lesson! They make it clear which actions are desired on your part.

In contrast to punishment, positive reinforcement lifts the mood

You can of course achieve the same effect by not rewarding the desired action, but punishing the undesired one. You will find hundreds of sites on the Internet and dozens of books in the bookstore discussing the pros and cons of the two methods. You can actually give yourself after reading this statement by Manfred Wolff, animal welfare officer of the German Dog Sports Association: “A reward or confirmation lifts the mood. In addition, after the confirmation, the agent knows exactly what he can do again in similar situations “He knows how to behave. In the event of punishment or disapproval, on the other hand, he knows that the act of disapproval was wrong, but he doesn’t know what to do instead. He becomes insecure.”

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Dog does not understand the punishment

In addition, when it comes to dog training, it means he will doubt you, if he doesn’t understand why you are punishing him, he will find you unpredictable. Punishment can also make the dog anxious or aggressive. Therefore: never treat your dog brutally, you will not have any educational success, but at most get rid of your anger – and you should save that for the fitness center! If you want to make it clear that you do not want something, a clear and loud “No” or “Out!” Is sufficient. Better to work with praise and reward. This not only has a significantly more positive effect on the mood, but also bonds you both a little more together every day.

(Text: Marzena Fiok)

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