This is how the puppy becomes house trained

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This is how the puppy becomes house trained

Getting a puppy house trained is the first step in dog training that new owners have to deal with. If you want to give your puppy a grace period, you should leave it alone. The most important imprinting phase takes place between the 8th and 20th week of life. In order to support the little four-legged friend in this learning process, clear rules are required – but also sufficient calm and patience. Punishment is taboo when it comes to house training!

In order for the puppy to be house trained, you shouldn’t take your eyes off it for the first time and – if possible – watch every step carefully. Over time, you will develop an eye for when your dog needs to get his business done. Classic signs of this are sniffing, whimpering or nervously turning in circles. However, once you observe this behavior in your pup, it has to be very quick. You should therefore aim to get him outside before his urge to relieve himself. As soon as he has loosened up outside, it means: Praise, praise, praise – whether with extensive pats or a treat! At first, one or two mishaps can still happen. It is important, however, that you don’t scold the puppy for his mistake. Wear it outside anyway. If he comes off there again, praise him again.

How often does a puppy have to go out?

In addition to the typical signs, there are certain times when the puppy should go outside: after sleeping, eating and drinking, and after extensive play or romp. Regardless of this, the dog should be trained in a regular rhythm so that no mishap happens in the house: Puppies under three months usually have to go out every 1.5 – 2 hours, between the third and fourth month about every 3 hours and from the fifth or sixth month approximately every 4 hours. Note, however, that these are not hours of walking. On the contrary – a puppy cannot walk long distances. Rather, it is about getting him used to solving in freedom.

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This is how the puppy will be house trained at night

In order to quickly get the puppy used to its new life and the associated rules – such as house training – a regulated process helps it. Ideally, he should always have his dinner at the same time and be allowed out the last time. Then it’s off to the night quarters. Here it can be helpful to let the puppy sleep in a travel crate that he cannot easily crawl out of. Most dogs instinctively try not to soil their sleeping area. If you don’t have a box on hand, a large, tall box is sufficient to put the dog basket in. With these aids, the puppy is more likely to respond when the bladder presses. As soon as that is the case, get him out quickly! Again, despite a sleepy night’s sleep, think of the praise.

How long does it take for a puppy to become house trained?

When the puppy is house trained is completely different. Every dog ​​has its own character and thus a completely different learning behavior. Much also depends on whether the person reacts to his dog’s attempts to communicate. In the first few weeks in particular, it is also helpful in terms of house training that you devote a lot of time and attention to your puppy. Depending on how consistently you train with him, the time it takes for the puppy to be completely house trained will be shortened or lengthened. As a rule, most dogs can then, at around four months, be reasonably reliable for a short while. Up to the age of one year, however, something can go into the fur from time to time. That’s not bad! As long as you handle this misfortune properly.

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You should definitely remove the leftovers in the house with a strongly scented cleaner or a mixture of water and vinegar. So there are no longer any traces of scent. This can cause the puppy to loosen up again.

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