This is how you create a bond with the dog

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This is how you create a bond with the dog

In the beginning, attachment is more important than upbringing

Such a cute puppy comes into our house, full of curiosity, zest for action and eagerness to learn, and we make life difficult for him: “No!”, “Here!”, “Ugh!” it pelts down on him from the first day. He doesn’t understand. Just as little as your caresses. He’s still too busy trying to figure out who you are and what you want from him. Forget about parenting (for a few days) and rather see to it that they bond! When you play, it practically happens by itself – but only if you do it in his (communication) way.

Squeaking, crawling, scratching

And this is how it works: Find a quiet corner at home. The puppy gets too distracted outside. And then you lie down on the floor and make squeaking, smacking and loud growling noises! Roll around! Crawl away Scratch the floor like you’re looking for something! And don’t forget the noises: “Uiiiiiii”, “What do we have there ???” or whatever you can think of. Let your imagination run wild.

Drive sounds for binding

You may not be thrilled with this idea, but your dog will be! “Drive sounds” is what dog trainer Nicole Behrendt from the Dog-Worker dog school in Heist calls these high notes, which are extremely attractive to every puppy because they resemble noises that occur in nature. Is the puppy only with you – and he is guaranteed to come! – then try to keep him engaged for at least 20 seconds. The longer you can do it the better, this is how the dog learns that it is nice to be around you.

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Toys and treats

If you plan to use a toy, make sure the puppy sees it as prey. To do this, the toy has to “live”: move, hide, peek out, beep, etc. Don’t just lay it down for him. Important: Toys never remain in the dog’s possession, but are taken away after the play unit. And: There are also treats in this “relationship building phase” only when the dog has done something great. If you follow these tips, the puppy will soon think of you as the “greatest person in the world”. But don’t forget to close the windows and draw the curtains before playing. Otherwise your neighbors may soon stop greeting you.

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