This is how you create harmony in the mini pack

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This is how you create harmony in the mini pack

If you want a second dog to join the first

Hanuta, a chocolate-cream-colored mixed dog with maroon markings, was brought from Ischia by the Markdorfs. A random dog that turned the household upside down for the first time. But after a year the whole family had become dog fans. And because Hanuta gets on well with all her fellow dogs outside, a second dog should come into the house. But what kind of one? A puppy, some advised. One of the same age, the other. A male, most said. A bitch, said the minority. The majority of advisors agreed that it should be the same size. Just not, warned “outsiders”, that is guaranteed to cause trouble. Let Hanuta have a litter and keep a young animal, that always works, the Markdorfs heard just as often as “Take a pedigree dog, you know exactly what to expect” and “Get a mix like this from Ischia again”.

Lots of tips, no clarity

Pretty much everyone the family asked had a different answer. And Markdorfs are not an isolated case: If you want to give your first dog (and yourself) a second to keep you company, you can choose the one that suits you from a thousand tips. There is no guarantee of “harmony” in any case. Neither the mother-daughter nor the mother-son relationship always happens without quarrels, nor do opposites necessarily attract each other. Just as little as “the same and the same” likes to join forces.

Who really harmonizes with whom?

The Markdorfs have chosen an unusual route. They made themselves available to the local animal shelter as a “foster family”, took in four-legged guests for a while and got stuck with the third. A neutered male, older than Hanuta, much smaller and actually a “poison dwarf”. But between the colorful mix from Ischia and the tough Zwergschnautzer mixed breed from the animal shelter, it was love at first sight. Love that has not worn out in everyday life, but has increased. (Text: Ursula Birr)

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