This is how your dog becomes a fitness partner

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This is how your dog becomes a fitness partner

Dogs are our constant companions. Even if you do sport, your dog can participate. Whether you are a puppy or a senior dog: if you know what to watch out for when exercising, every dog ​​is suitable as a fitness partner. The only requirement: the dog is physically healthy.

Exercise for dogs of all ages

Every dog ​​needs exercise. Of course, the urge to move is also dependent on age. To know how much exercise is good for your dog, you can use these values ​​as a guide.

Puppies and young dogs

Puppies and young dogs up to 9 months of age tire faster than their adult conspecifics, but develop an enormous urge to discover and play. You should run a lap of 15 to 30 minutes several times a day, in which stormy and calm sections are built.

Adult dogs

One hour exercise twice a day is the thumb measure for adult dogs of average size. Whether it can be a little less or a lot of dynamic play should be offered depends on the age and breed of the dog. A pug requires significantly less training than a greyhound.

Canine seniors

At some point every dog ​​is no longer quite as fast on the road. While large dogs have an average life expectancy of 11 years, smaller breeds sometimes live to be over 17 years old. When the time has come to shift down a gear is indicated by a dog itself. Let him set the pace

Even old dogs can still do sports with you. ©

Integrate dog into sport

Pay attention to the right pace and the right dog sport, your dog can become your fitness partner. You can ideally integrate your dog in the following sports.

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Jogging with a dog

Moderately trained people can also take a Chihuahua with them for a jog. Those who like to run faster should make sure that the dog can keep up with them. If the dog is running free, you should be able to call him back at any time while jogging.

Use a special jogging leash when jogging with your dog. This is strapped around the runner’s waist and has a flexible insert with suspension. A medium-sized dog that suddenly sprints could otherwise bring the runner down.

The dog can be integrated well when jogging. © Fotodesign

Cycling with a dog

Running next to the bike is exhausting and exhausts even strong dogs. Therefore, you should urgently observe some rules for cycling with a dog. The dog can walk beside the bike either free or on a leash.

Dogs running free must be able to use the command “With me”. The leash is attached to a special holder. Small, older and very young dogs can spend part of the bike tour in a bike basket or trailer. This way, your fitness partner also keeps a good mood.

The dog can also come along while cycling. ©

Swimming with a dog

If you are a passionate swimmer, you can also take your dog into the water. Many breeds are excellent swimmers. However, this sport is also very strenuous for dogs.

If his movements become slower and he struggles to lift his head out of the water, you should stop swimming. Now help your dog out of the water. He may have sore muscles the next day.

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If the water is less than 10 ° C, the dog should never swim for more than ten minutes. Otherwise he could get hypothermic and sick

Make sure that dogs are allowed in the body of water you have chosen and show consideration for other bathers.

Many dogs love the water. ©

Arm training with ball sports

Most retrievers like to fetch for their life, Australian Shepherds are considered to be skilled ball catchers. You can use this for your fitness: Exercise your limb or play soccer with your dog. Of course, you can also play Frisbee with your dog.

Although these are quite simple sports games, it rarely works right away. Your dog may need to learn what is required of him first. With the right reward, your dog is sure to become a motivated fitness partner in ball sports.

You and your dog will get fit while throwing. ©

Dog dance for whole-body training

In the popular dog dance, you and your dog move together to the music. You can rehearse a choreography. Use your creativity or get inspiration from other dog dancers.

For example, you can let the dog run between your legs or let it jump through your “U” shaped arms. By working together on the body, you will get to know your dog better and strengthen the bond with him.

Your creativity is required in the dog dance. ©

Important rules

When dogs and humans play sport together, there are three simple rules that you should urgently consider. This is the only way you and your dog can have fun together.

  • Neither you nor your dog should overload themselves. Neither of you enjoys sport like this. In addition, overexerted dog owners may no longer have a good grip on their dog in dangerous situations.
  • Pay attention to the choice of sport. Choose what you and your dog enjoy. Both of you should also have the physical requirements for the respective sport. This is the only way to stay on the ball in the long term.
  • Be considerate of others. If you do sport in the great outdoors, it goes without saying that the dog waste is properly disposed of. If your dog is difficult to call up, you should put it on a leash.
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If these rules are observed, both dog and owner will enjoy the exercise. And that is the most important prerequisite for making the dog the ideal fitness partner.