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Ticks – nasty carriers of disease in dogs

Into the meadow and off to the undergrowth! What could be nicer for a dog? But it is precisely these places that harbor a tiny danger – ticks. The parasites can hold onto the long fur without any problems and have immediately arrived in paradise. Once stuck in, dangerous diseases like Lyme disease can be transmitted.

What helps against ticks?

But what can be done against the pests? Anti-tick products from the veterinarian offer a certain protection. Various options such as collars, tablets or spot-on preparations are available here. To ensure good protection, the agents should have a repellent effect. This means that the tick should be prevented from biting and it should be killed quickly. The following infographic shows how repellant protectants work.

Despite the aids, you should check your dog thoroughly for ticks after a walk in the woods and meadows.

The myth of the tick

Does a vaccination help against the diseases? Are dogs safe from ticks in the city? There are many myths about the small parasites. But what is right or wrong here?

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