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Tips for moving with your dog

By Ursula Birr

1 Security within your own four walls

The abrupt change of home, the environment, the dog friends and the walks unsettled the creature of habit dog tremendously. He must therefore find security in the new home. Offer him his usual old blanket or basket. Feed the familiar food at the familiar times. Do not leave him alone often or for a long time in the first few weeks. And maintain the old rituals. That gives him security in these uncertain times.

2 To good neighbors

Whether in the apartment block or the row house: Take the time to get to know your closest neighbors and introduce your dog. This also works with a nice letter with a picture and an “application” of the dog as a good neighbor. You will probably find out who has a cat or a dog, who is afraid of dogs or who loves them. And the neighbors don’t faint if they suddenly bark.

3 where is what?

Many dog ​​owners remain loyal to their trusted veterinarian. If that is not possible or you would like to change, find out where the nearest veterinary practices or clinics are, where there is a good pet dealer, in a foreign city also where the animal shelter is located. It is also good if you get insider tips on dog walking from other dog friends and ask about the special municipal regulations (leash obligation).

4 No turning back

Remember: your dog not only had to leave his old friends behind when he moved, he also lacks the familiar taster spots, the racetracks, and maybe even people he has often met. Give him time to forget his old life and only go for the usual walkies if you want to do it often in the future. Otherwise it is better he quickly makes friends with his surroundings in his new home.

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5 Voluntary leash compulsory

For the first few walks, keep your dog on a leash. Not because he could run away. But because he and you are “entering” a foreign territory and you cannot know which dogs are already claiming it for themselves. Your dog finds out by sniffing at the “meeting points” of the dog scene. This can challenge, unsettle or even frighten him. In this case, the leash provides security. And it proves itself in the event that rabbits or cats cross or other “objects” unknown to the dog such as z. B. Rider emerge.

6 To good friendship

As soon as your dog has settled in, he can also look for friends. Caution: Bullying can easily occur in dog areas where well-rehearsed groups are romping about. It is better to get to know the dogs in the area individually.

7 day and night adventures

In order for you and your dog to become familiar with the area as quickly as possible, you should explore the area at different times. And of course also take different paths. You and the dog will soon find out who can be met where and at what times.

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