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Trick “Be healthy!”

Trick “Be healthy!” is that the dog hears you sneeze and brings a handkerchief. This exercise is interesting in that you can teach the dog to respond directly to your sneeze instead of entering voice commands.

To learn this trick, you need to know the commands “Hold”, “Aport”. You will also need the following props: treats, a box of handkerchiefs, and double-sided tape to further secure the box to the floor or table.

Trick "Be healthy!"
Required props

Teaching your dog to take a handkerchief

Take the box of handkerchiefs and take out about half of the scarves from it… This will make it easier for your dog, as pulling scarves out of a full box is much more difficult. Also, take out the last scarf and then tuck it back so that it protrudes halfway through the box and can be pulled out freely.

Trick "Be healthy!"
Teaching a dog to pull out a scarf

Now put the dog next to you, hold the box out to him and command “Hold”. As soon as the pet takes the handkerchief, give praise and treat. Repeat the exercise several times to secure.

Teaching a dog to bring a headscarf

Use double-sided tape to glue the box to the floor. Make sure it is securely fastened so that the dog will bring the scarf and not the entire box. Then move a short distance from the box with the dog. Give the “Aport” command and, if necessary, point with your hand in the direction of the box. When the dog brings the handkerchief, reward him.

Repeat the exercise several times, gradually replacing the command “Aport” with “Apchi” or another. To train your dog to respond to your sneeze instead of a voice command, you need to simulate a sneeze every time the dog performs the Fetch.

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Exercise options

  • Gradually increase the distance to the box of handkerchiefs and have the dog bring you a handkerchief from another room.
  • Place the box of handkerchiefs on the table and teach your dog how to jump onto a chair or sofa to get the handkerchief out of the box.