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Training the dog: where and who?

Tutoring for the dog

In everyday life you forget the consequence

In normal everyday life, even the best basic training of the family dog ​​wears off. Because hardly any dog ​​owner is really consistent, after all, he also has to devote himself to family, work, friends and sometimes he just wants to have his peace and quiet. Completely understandable, but still fatal, because dogs mercilessly exploit these small weaknesses! The “once on call not come” soon becomes a fifty-fifty chance that the first “here” will be promptly followed and soon there will only be a chance hit.

Refresh what you have learned

Two simple measures remind humans and dogs of their school days: Every now and then, add ten minutes of “serious” to the long daily walk. But without any ifs or buts with the entire learned program. Or a refresher course at the nearest club or dog school. The effect is often amazing. After just one hour of “work”, the family dog ​​thinks back to its “follow-up” duties more quickly and more readily.

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