Paw injury in dogs
Broken bones in dogs

Twisted stomach in the dog

Who gets sick?

Larger breeds of dogs are particularly at risk. The dog often played skipped or was exposed to severe stress shortly after a large meal. Delayed emptying of the stomach can also contribute to the development.

How do you recognize it?

The dog is restless, tries unsuccessfully to vomit, and becomes increasingly short of breath. The inflated stomach can be felt as a huge hard balloon just behind the costal arch. If there is already a circulatory shock, the dog collapses, its mucous membranes are pale and the limbs are cold.

What should I do?

See a veterinarian or veterinary clinic as soon as possible. The only way to save a dog’s life is often through immediate surgery. First aid from the owner is wasted time here.

How can you prevent?

Susceptible dogs should be given twice the daily ration and should not wallow or romp about immediately after feeding. So that the gastric torsion cannot develop unnoticed at night, feeding should not take place too late in the evening.

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