Prolapse of the uterus in the bitch
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Uterine suppuration in the bitch

Who gets sick?

Uncastrated bitches after reaching sexual maturity are affected, and they have often been in heat several times. Occasionally the suppuration is preceded by a hormonal intervention in the menstrual cycle, for example suppression of heat through injections.

How do you recognize it?

At first hardly anything can be noticed, occasionally purulent secretions appear on the vagina. The last heat was usually one to two months ago. In the advanced stages, the only sign is often severe thirst. In severe cases, the bitch looks exhausted and dull, and her condition deteriorates noticeably.

What should I do?

If you notice your dog is very thirsty, all alarm bells should be ringing. Increased water consumption is never a harmless sign, even if there is not always a pyometra behind it. Make an appointment with the vet as soon as possible so that he can examine the bitch and, if necessary, operate. If the general well-being is already impaired, it is an emergency. Then you shouldn’t waste any time.

How can you prevent?

The safest measure is castration. For breeding bitches this is of course not an option, here you should avoid hormone injections to influence the cycle, regularly watch for vaginal discharge and carefully monitor water consumption – more than 100 ml per kilogram of body weight per day is questionable. It is also very helpful to keep a record of the bitch’s cycle. Because often deviations from the normal course of the cycle appear early on, for example an extension of the heat.

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