Visit the rehab clinic with the dog

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Visit the rehab clinic with the dog

When the mistress or master has to go to rehab, many dog ​​owners want their four-legged friends to be able to go to the clinic as well. After all, it is not always easy to keep the dog with family, friends or in a kennel for weeks. There are clinics that allow pets to be taken along. We have put together a few clinics. However, the information is without guarantee, as it can always change.

We would be happy to add further contact details to our list or to correct incorrect information. Write us an eMail!

Inselsberg Clinic

Specialist clinic for oncological rehabilitation / AHB clinic

Center for Lymphology & Vascular Diseases

Wicker GmbH & Co. OHG

Fischbacher Str. 36

99891 Bad Tabarz

Tel .: 036259 53-0

Email: [email protected]

Clinic at the magic forest

Specialist clinic for psychosomatics

Picaresque hedge 1

72178 Waldachtal

Tel .: 07443 932-0

Email: [email protected]

Celenus Clinic Carolabad

Medical rehabilitation center for psychotherapy, psychiatry and psychosomatics

Riedstrasse 32

09117 Chemnitz / OT Rabenstein

Tel .: 0371 8142-0

Email: [email protected]

Serrahn Rehabilitation Clinic

Specialist clinic for addicts

At the rectory 1

18292 Serrahn

Tel. 038 456 – 62 51 3

Email [email protected]

Ticino Castle

Specialist clinic for drug addicts

Dorfstrasse 48

19243 Ticino (near Wittenburg)

Tel. 038 853 – 33 80

Email [email protected]

Heinrich Mann Clinic

Rehabilitation clinic for neurology and orthopedics

Heinrich-Mann-Strasse 34

36448 Bad Liebenstein

Tel. 036961 – 37 0

E-mail [email protected]

Dr. Becker Burg Clinic

Specialized in psychosomatic, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic rehabilitation

Also for private acute patients with dogs

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Burgstrasse 19

36457 Stadtlengsfeld

Tel. 036965 – 68 0

Email [email protected]

Kirchberg Clinic

MZV am Krichberg

Kirchberg 7-11

37431 Bad Lauterberg

Tel .: 05524 / 859-0

Dr. Becker Clinic Juliana – Wuppertal

Specialized in psychosomatic, psychiatric and psychotherapeutic rehabilitation / private medical acute treatment

Also for private acute patients with dogs

Mollenkotten 195

42279 Wuppertal

Tel. 0202 – 28 15 90

Email [email protected]

Curt-von-Knobelsdorff-Haus specialist clinic

Full inpatient rehabilitation for men

Day clinical (full day outpatient) rehabilitation for men

Stationary motivation for men and women

Hermannstrasse 17th

42477 Radevormwald

Phone 02195 – 67 20

[email protected]

Aggerblick specialist clinic

Inpatient rehabilitation of the drug help Cologne GmbH

Marialindener Strasse 23

51491 Overath

Tel. 02206 – 95 22 12

Email [email protected]

Dr. Becker Rhein-Sieg Clinic – Nümbrecht

Specialized in neurological, orthopedic and osteological rehabilitation

Höhenstrasse 30th

51588 Nümbrecht

Tel. 02293 – 92 00

Email [email protected]

Vielbach Specialist Hospital

Medical rehabilitation clinic for alcoholic men

Nordhofener Str. 1

56244 Vielbach

Tel. 02626 / 9783-0

Email [email protected]

Extra info: In addition to dogs, cats and other pets can also be brought to therapy.

Sonnenhof Specialist Clinic

Rehabilitation for internal medicine and orthopedics in the Black Forest

At the forest 1

72178 Waldachtal

Tel .: 07443 27-0

Email: [email protected]

bwlv Specialist Clinic Schloz

Rehabilitation facility for women who are addicted to alcohol and drugs

Ikarusweg 14

72250 Freudenstadt

Tel. 07441 – 91 95 05 0

Email [email protected]

Psychosomatic Specialist Clinic Schömberg GmbH

Rehabilitation in the context of mental suffering such as anxiety, depression or stress disorders.

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Dr.-Schröder-Weg 12

75328 Schömberg

Tel .: 07084 50-0

Email: [email protected]

Clinic Dr. Römer GmbH

Acute clinic for psychosomatics and psychotherapy

Specialist clinic for psychiatric and psychosomatic rehabilitation

Altburger Weg 2

75365 Calw-Hirsau

Tel. 07051 58 80

Email [email protected]

Fischer-Haus specialist clinic

Specialist clinic for rehabilitation of addicted men

Mönchkopfstr. 21

76571 Gaggenau-Michelbach

Tel. 07225 – 97 44 0

Email [email protected]

Winkelwaldklinik Nordrach

Specialist clinic for oncological rehabilitation, geriatric rehabilitation, short and long-term care, health leave

Winkelwald 2-4

77787 Nordrach

Tel. 0 78 38 – 83 0

Email [email protected]

AWO Specialist Clinic Schönau

For alcohol addicted men

In the snow 1

88167 Grünenbach

Tel. 08383 – 92 21 70

Email [email protected]

Clinic Bavaria

Recognized partner of the Bundeswehr

Solla 19-20

94078 Freyung

Tel: 08551 99-0

Email [email protected]

Pain Therapy Center Bad Mergentheim

Specialist clinic for special pain therapy and pain psychotherapy

Schönbornstrasse 10

97980 Bad Mergentheim, Germany

Tel. 07931 – 54 93 44

Email [email protected]