general characteristics

The Weimaraners are infinitely loyal to humans. They require a lot of attention: these dogs will follow you around the house as a shadow and lie next to you if you are sitting. In this case, the dog tries to lie as close to the owner as possible in order to feel him. But the attention and love that you give the dog, she will return you with her devotion. In addition, these dogs are very gentle with children, ready to always stand up for them, and, if necessary, cheer or calm them down. Also Weimar Pointing Dogs – and this is the second name of this breed – one of the most popular hunting dogs in Europe. They are excellent assistants in forest, field or swamp hunting.


Every owner dreams of seeing his dog healthy, active and cheerful.
And, as you know, the basis of health is proper, nutritious and balanced nutrition. Even if you buy the freshest and highest quality products, buy vitamins and mineral supplements, without a biochemical laboratory you will not be able to determine the exact nutritional value of food you cook at home. That’s why PEDIGREE® has developed a special application that will help you evaluate how the diet you feed your pet meets his needs.
Proper nutrition in the first year of a puppy’s life largely determines how healthy and joyful your puppy will be in the future. Taking care of your pet’s health, PEDIGREE® recommends a combination of dry and wet diets to take full advantage of the benefits of both. You can read more about this in the article.
Breed characteristics:

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– Obedient, delicate, does not tolerate loneliness
– Elegant, smart, confident
– Charming but wayward


Height: 57-70 cm
Age: about 12 years old
Weight: 25-40 kg

Usually they get along well with other animals, but it is not recommended to keep them together with rabbits and birds.


The Weimaraner (Weimar Pointing Dog) is an excellent choice for a family with children living outside the city or in the countryside.

Hair care

Practically “naked” dogs of this breed require minimal care: it is enough to regularly brush the smooth coat with a brush. You should also regularly brush your dog’s ears, trim his nails, and check his teeth.

Conditions of detention

Suitable for keeping in an apartment or a country house.


Weimaraner should never be bored. You need to walk for at least 2 hours daily with the obligatory freestyle exercise.

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