Welsh corgi cardigan


The Welsh Corgi Cardigan is a very ancient and very rare breed of dog that comes from Wales, that is, from England, is a native breed. It is believed that the ancient Celtic tribes kept these dogs and were extremely prized. At a later time, in the Middle Ages, when the Vikings landed on the territory of modern England, Welsh Corgi dogs were actively used by local residents in many spheres of life.

Despite their small size, these dogs perfectly helped as a shepherd for various types of livestock, and also performed guard functions. In addition, their wonderful character made them excellent human companions. Another not entirely characteristic of the dog is the function that corgi performed in the medieval world – hunting for rodents and small wild animals that encroached on grain, chickens or geese.

There was even an ancient Welsh law that protected these animals – for stealing a dog or killing it, an impressive fine was provided, and, in some cases, physical punishment in the square. Some researchers have suggested that the corgis were crossed with small Nordic dogs such as Spitz brought by the Vikings during the invasion. Thanks to this, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi breed was born.

The British Welsh Corgi Cardigan Association was founded in 1926, although these animals have been shown at dog shows since 1919. At that time, there was no division between the Cardigan Welsh Corgi and the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and they bred freely. The division of the breeds took place in 1934, at the suggestion of the British Kennel Club, and already in 1935 the American Kennel Club also recognized the Cardigan and Pembroke as different breeds.

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Translated from the ancient Welsh language, “corgi” means – a dwarf dog. There is a legend according to which fairies ride small magical dogs to hunt, and if someone wants to learn about the treasures, he must make friends with the dog. As with a fairy, of course, it will not work to make friends, because she lives in a different space.

Welsh corgi cardigan are very expensive and rare dogs. They gained notoriety in the CIS thanks to a Russian official named Shuvalov, who bought a separate plane in order to carry his corgi dogs and their attendants to prestigious exhibitions.


These are dogs of small size, with short legs and hair of medium length. The coat has an undercoat, and dogs shed quite a lot, this should be taken into account. The body is compact, square, elongated; the tail is also long, not bent upwards. The muzzle is wedge-shaped, slightly elongated, very expressive, like the eyes. The ears are large, erect and set slightly apart. Coat color is a separate distinctive feature of these dogs. Usually, the color combines amazing shades of red and brown with various markings, as well as white and black, but in general it can be anything.


Perhaps the most well-known personality trait of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan dog is its amazing, incomparable devotion to its owner and its family. They are ready to give their attention and affection for days on end, and spend literally all the time with you. On the other hand, they have a sufficiently developed intellect, and therefore they understand the desire of the owner to be alone, and also have their own inner independence.

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They do not like to be alone, but they can, if necessary. Although, again, staying for a day is one thing, and staying for a month is quite another – if you need to go on a business trip, it is better to take your dog with you. Welsh corgi love to give voice, and, they have a wide variety of “shades of speech”. Loud barking with or without reason can be somewhat reduced in the learning process, but you will not be able to completely get rid of this quality – accept it.

A high level of intelligence allows a dog to have, so to speak, his own view of things, and therefore, even if it is brought up and properly trained, it can still sometimes act in its own way. They understand well what is happening around them, can intervene in family quarrels and generally like to participate in all family affairs. Cardigan welsh corgi has an open and kind character, and therefore perfectly perceives children and loves to be friends with them.

These dogs have rather strong guardian and shepherd instincts, although now they are rarely used in this form. They need early socialization, like most dogs, as well as early acquaintance with cats in order to be able to perceive them normally in the future. They perfectly lend themselves to learning and even love various activities, as they need intellectual stimulation. They are active, they love games and walks.


Dogs of the Welsh Corgi Cardigan breed need training, simple exercises and intellectual activities. However, now they are not used as guard or herding dogs, therefore, only training in behavior correction and training in basic commands is needed.

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These animals have a developed mind, understand the owner and his psychology well, can guess his thoughts and desires, have their own opinions and some inner stubbornness, and you should not try to break the animal. Swearing, shouting, rude treatment – all this should be excluded, beatings are out of the question. Be patient, affectionate, act correctly and you will succeed.

Common diseases

Like all dogs, the Welsh Corgi Cardigan breed has some diseases, including hereditary ones. Among them:

  • dysplasia of the hip joint;
  • displacement and other problems with intervertebral discs – this is a problem not only for this breed, but also, for example, in dachshunds, because of their long back, ultimately it can even lead to paralysis;
  • progressive retinal atrophy.

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