West Siberian Laika

general characteristics

West Siberian Laika was bred for hunting large game (wild boar, deer, bear). It is also considered indispensable for the extraction of sable and other animals of the weasel family. Among northern peoples it is used as a hunting hunting dog.

Due to the high activity and the desire to be constantly on the move, it is not recommended to start the West Siberian husky in apartments. With limited movement and short walks, the dog will quickly begin to lose vitality and wither before your eyes.

West Siberian Laika is one of the few breeds that combine beauty and endurance. These huskies are beautiful, but strong and can tolerate temperature changes well.

The breed has well developed hard, straight, guard hair, soft and fluffy undercoat. The hair on the head and ears is dense, short. There is more of it on the neck and shoulders, and it forms a kind of collar (clutch). The color is varied: white, gray, brown, piebald, zoned. Tiger and brown colors are not allowed. Wool is well adapted to any living conditions.

The character of the West Siberian Laika is strong, tireless and cheerful. This is an intelligent and kind dog who is infinitely loyal to its owner. Perfect for villagers or owners of large land, becoming an irreplaceable assistant in all “dog” affairs. When kept in the city, requires careful disciplinary training.


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Breed characteristics:

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– Perfectly developed hunting instincts
– Beautiful and very hardy
– 100% devoted to the owner


Height: 55–62 cm
Age: 10-14 years old
Weight: 18-23 kg

Gets along well with pets, does not show aggression towards people.


Kind, playful, loyal, restless, active dog, which has excellent hunting instincts.

Hair care

Regular wool, no extra care required. Regular brushing is sufficient.

Conditions of detention

The West Siberian Laika is suitable for the city, but feels better in the countryside. It is desirable to have a large space for living and walking.


Long walks are required for several hours a day in a large (preferably open) area. With insufficient education, they may not obey during a walk.

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