What exactly belongs in high-quality dog ​​food?

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What exactly belongs in high-quality dog ​​food?

How the dog got sick in recent years

But what does the right diet look like for the dog? Even if the most diverse races determine the street scene today, the dog originates from one animal: the wolf. In the past, as now, it has mainly fed on fresh meat from other animals. Animal lovers who do not like this idea should therefore not buy a dog. This natural diet is part of the natural cycle. The dog’s teeth are designed to tear and crush meat, not to chew grain. To put it simply, the necessary teeth are missing. Furthermore, the saliva does not produce any enzymes that are necessary for digestion. This means that bacteria are already forming here in the mouth, which sensitively disrupt the entire immune system. The result shows up in heavy plaque, allergies and increased stress on the organs, especially the digestive system. For years, many dogs have suffered from severe digestive problems because their bodies simply do not have the essential requirements for this type of food.

Back to the origin

High-quality dog ​​food such as that from Platinum therefore primarily consists of meat and a small amount of vegetables. Even a simple carrot is ideal to pass the time and clean your teeth again. There are now new manufacturers of dog food on the market who are based on this species-appropriate diet and accordingly produce high-quality wet food. Basically nothing speaks against using leftovers from slaughter, even in small proportions. However, the right amount and condition of the material play a key role here. If you compare the contents of a pack of dog food with an animal that a wolf has just ripped off, it becomes clear: A goose has two feet and a neck compared to a decent portion of meat. In dog food, the proportion of muscle meat compared to other types such as offal should be correspondingly low in order to still be regarded as high-quality food. At the same time, of course, a modern standard is desired. The food in the practical plastic bowl is part of everyday life today.

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In the test: dog food seen up close

In the test with different dog foods at haustier-news.de it was shown that the Platinum dog food has a comparatively high natural meat content and is enriched with vegetables. Salmon oils are also added here. The manufacturer’s new small pack is designed for smaller dog breeds and can also be taken with you when you are out and about.

Once opened, the Platinum lining looks noticeably natural. The reason is probably the stated ingredients of 85% fresh meat. Without any grain, this wet food scores well in front of animonda, for example. Here the noodles are clear and the jelly-like sauce doesn’t look very lovingly prepared either. Practical for on the go: Platinum products are available in solid plastic trays, which is an advantage, because the usual, soft metal trays can leak while on the go. Pet-news.de came to a similar result and tried all three wet foods on their own dogs. In terms of price-performance ratio and the current level of knowledge of a balanced diet for dogs, Platinum is ahead.