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It is difficult for a male to resist the irresistible scent of the bitch in heat. It’s just in their nature. Depending on the character of the dog, this desire can be more or less strongly shaped. In some cases, only castration or sterilization will help to curb the male’s sexually hyperactive desire. And in the case of a bitch, the side effects can be avoided in this way.

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Let the shoots run free

Those who strictly oppose it should be aware that a bitch will come into heat several times a year. The frequency varies depending on the breed. As a rule, heat then lasts up to 21 days and can vary in intensity. The “hot days” can be determined by means of the changing blood color. However, this is only a rough guide. If you want to breed specifically, or are planning offspring, you should contact a veterinarian in this case. He can determine ovulation and thus give you information about the fertile days.

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If you are not planning a pregnancy, the following tips will help you:

  • Determination of blood color
  • Review of the tolerance reflex
  • Information from the vet
  • Looking for a “ruden-free” place to go for walks
  • Have a vaginal swab carried out on bitches who have escaped
  • Pseudopregnancy

    After the heat, a pseudopregnancy can occur about 4 to 9 weeks later. At this time she often begins to build nests and becomes extremely lean and cuddly. The pseudopregnant bitch can often be distracted from her nest-building instinct by putting away toys during this time and going for walks with her a lot.

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    How to recognize pseudopregnancy

    Pregnancy in dogs

    After about three to four weeks, the dog can be determined by the veterinarian to be pregnant. Changes in behavior and eating habits can also be observed with the expected offspring. The food may be spurned in the first few weeks or vomiting may occur more often. After an average of 62 days, the still blind and deaf puppies are born. About 24 hours before they see the light of day, the mother’s body temperature drops significantly. In any case, stay calm, because stress in the bitch can lead to difficulties in childbirth! A litter box is also helpful for the birth. She keeps the puppies warm and shouldn’t squeeze them when their mother lies down in them. The first few days should be left alone with the newly born mother and the puppies. However, pay close attention to whether everything is always in order. After 8 weeks at the earliest, ideally only after 10 to 12 weeks, the boys can be transferred to a new family.

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