Epileptic seizures in dogs
Intestinal obstruction in dogs

When the dog has diarrhea

Who gets sick?

Any age can be affected, but young puppies are particularly at risk, especially if they have not been vaccinated against parvovirus. But even vaccinated dogs can get sick from time to time.

How do you recognize it?

Watery, sometimes bloody diarrhea is always a warning sign. Vomiting often occurs, the dogs become more and more dull and can hardly stand on their feet.

What should I do?

The most important thing is hydration, preferably through intravenous infusions at the vet. Care should be taken to ensure that the patient does not get too cold. A stay of several days in the veterinary clinic with the most intensive care, including overnight, is usually necessary to save the puppies.

How can you prevent?

Puppies from endangered herds should be vaccinated against parvovirus several times and at an early stage, preferably from the 5th to 6th year of age. up to the 18th week of life at three to four week intervals.

In addition, meticulous cleanliness and disinfection measures are required, as the virus is very stable and new litters can otherwise easily become infected. If the risk of infection is low, the vaccination is sufficient in the 12th-15th Week.

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