White Swiss Shepherd Dog (White Shepherd Dog, US-Canadian White Shepherd Dog) / Berger Blanc Suisse (White Swiss Shepherd Dog)

If you want to have a beautiful, sophisticated and graceful service dog, then you will not find this breed better. The Swiss Shepherd Dog hides the character and strength of a real service “soldier” under its unusual elegant appearance. But you will be pleasantly surprised not only by the combination of beautiful appearance and working qualities of this pet, but also by its character.


The history of this breed is very unusual. The fact is that this dog comes from an ordinary German shepherd. It is known that in 1882 two German shepherd males were presented at a dog show in Hanover, one of which was gray-white, and the other was white. But due to the fact that in Germany white shepherd dogs were forbidden for breeding, and in other countries, including Canada and the United States, not, then after a few years a separate type was formed. Around the 60s of the last century, this dog came to Switzerland and it was the Swiss who were the first to apply to the International Cynological Association to recognize this breed as a separate species.

It is important to note that this breed received FCI recognition only in 2003, and at the same time it was officially given the name – Swiss White.


The main quality of the Swiss Shepherd’s appearance is harmony combined with strength and power. These dogs have a beautiful noble set, high head, erect straight ears. The head is elongated, strict. The outlines of the muzzle are harmonious and elegant. Growth at the withers in males reaches about 66 centimeters, in bitches – 61 centimeters. Weight on average ranges from 25 to 35 kilograms.

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The back is strong with well-developed muscles, straight strong limbs, a slightly elongated body. The neck is of medium length, with a smooth transition to the withers, the chest is not very wide, with a long sloping croup.

Today, according to the coat, two types of white shepherd dogs are distinguished: the short-haired, which is more popular in the United States, and the long-haired or European type. Both species have a thick undercoat, soft dense coat, tight-fitting upper hair of exceptionally white color.


Unlike the German Shepherd, the White Swiss is less reckless and aggressive, they are more calm and restrained, so they are more often chosen by families as a companion. These pets are obedient, gentle, and respond well to various training programs. We can say that this is a versatile breed that adapts to any conditions of detention.


The beauty of the Swiss Shepherd is not only external, but also internal. A very important quality of this breed is the ability to be caring and anxious. In addition, they are alert, attentive, judicious, without unnecessary fussiness and anxiety. They never show aggression or mistrust towards outsiders.

Swiss Shepherd Dogs are devoted, they strive to respond to the owner with mutual sympathy, reliable companions. They easily find a common language with both people and animals. They are absolutely not conflicting with other dogs.


The main purpose of this breed, as, in fact, of the German Shepherd, is to patrol the streets, search and rescue people. That is, it is safe to say that the Swiss Shepherd is a service dog. But they are also well suited for security purposes. With appropriate training, these dogs make excellent guides and therapists. Often today, this breed is used in the United States by law enforcement agencies. But the Shepherd is also able to be an excellent family dog, a friend to children and just a “jack of all trades”.

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In care and maintenance, this breed is unpretentious and adapts well to any conditions. The main care of the Swiss Shepherd is to maintain the ideal condition of the snow-white thick fluffy coat and physical shape. This dog should walk a lot, only in this way it will maintain its beautiful appearance.

But don’t be intimidated by such a snow-white coat. Nature has taken care of the beauty of these dogs itself, endowing them with a dense undercoat with a self-cleaning quality. Even if the dog gets wet in the rain and gets dirty, after drying, it will again turn into a snow-white bear cub.

Caring for the coat does not require a haircut, but in early spring you need to carefully comb out the undercoat, which will fall off and create an unkempt appearance for the dog.


Swiss white shepherd dogs are very smart, quick-witted, obedient. It helps them to learn different commands and tricks very well, easily and quickly. Suitable for specific service training. They listen well to the dog handler and clearly follow the commands of the person.

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