Why does a dog howl: reasons, signs, how to wean

Our smaller brothers, no, no, and they will remind you of what kind they are, piteously and piercingly howling throughout the whole area, like wild wolves. But why does the dog howl and is it worth it to be scared of this event, or is it better to try to understand the situation. Each person, of course, knows better what to do, but still it is worth considering all the options.

Signs of why a dog howls

Even the most skeptical people have two or three superstitions in reserve, the veracity of which is beyond doubt. Whether it’s a black cat, clothes inside out, or a howling dog, omens can work on a subconscious level, overshadowing the voice of reason.

What does popular rumor say about a mournfully howling dog? Here are just a few beliefs:

  • If the animal sits motionless, with its head thrown back, and howls, then such serenades (as they say to the moon) indicate that a fire will soon happen.
  • The dog howls, lowering its head to the ground – it is worth waiting for a fatal misfortune. If at the same time she also digs the ground, then the event will happen very soon.
  • According to legend, a dog always knows about its future death and broadcasts about it, howling in a sitting or lying position.
  • If the animal howls to the left, or to the right, then trouble is expected from there.
  • The dog does not just howl, but at the same time shakes his head – then, as they say, trouble does not come alone, it is worth waiting for a series of tragic events.

Of course, to believe or not to believe is a personal matter, but still people want to understand why the dog howls?

A logical explanation for some superstitions

There is a logical scientific explanation for many mystical phenomena, what does science say about folk signs about how?

There are no answers to why dogs smell fires before they start, because before the smoke appears, the dog cannot smell anything. But with the approaching death of a person, some solutions have been found. Experts have proven that dogs can feel the natural death of a dog, and all thanks to a sensitive sense of smell.

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On the eve of death, the human body starts extinction processes that are irreversible. The metabolism slows down significantly, the amount of energy consumed decreases, a special smell emanates from a person, which a dog’s nose can catch. And the dog lowers its nose to the ground not because the person will be buried, but in order not to feel this dying “scent”.

In this case, the howling of the dog can alternate with a plaintive whine, and the pet often avoids the sick owner, tries to hide from him, tucking his tail.

Causes of dog howling

Causes of dog howling

What can a dog howl signal? Maybe the dog wants to tell us something in this way? Dog handlers and veterinarians have several assumptions about this:

  • “I am sad and sad.” If the dog howls when left alone, then this is an expression of unwillingness to be alone. A four-legged friend cannot understand why, getting together in the evening in a warm company, in the morning the owners are forced to leave. Some of them feel like they’ve been abandoned.
  • “I am sick”. Everyone knows that dogs are the most patient of creatures. But even their patience can run out, and howling can be a sign of internal illness. If your pet howls regularly, then you should seek the advice of a veterinarian.
  • “Oh, how glad I am!” Dogs are like people, they are all different. Some rejoice, cheerfully jumping up and down, others with sonorous barking and intense waving of their tail, but some, singing along, howling with delight. If this happens all the time when you meet, then you should not worry about such a manifestation of joy.
  • The dog is a music lover. The dog has a fairly sensitive hearing close to the human range. In addition, in terms of susceptibility, this indicator is much higher – dogs can distinguish notes with a difference of 1/8 of a tone. Shepherds learned to use this advantage, teaching dogs commands not by means of gestures or voice, but using whistles. It is believed that four-legged friends have the same center in the cerebral cortex as a person, which is responsible for the perception of music, allowing not only to listen to it, but also to evaluate it based on their own preferences. This is evidenced by the fact that dogs in some cases try to get away from the sound source, but sometimes they start howling to the tracks they like. Most often, the choice of pets falls on classical music.
  • “Hey master, I’m afraid!” The full moon mystically affects not only humans, but also dogs. If a person can feel bad on the full moon, have problems sleeping, then the pet’s bright moon disk can simply scare. Dogs howl at the moon, because in many aspects they have a higher sensitivity than humans, therefore this period can affect them more intensely. In addition to anxiety, animals, even being indoors, can show aggression on a full moon.
  • Communication with relatives. Of course, apartment dogs are deprived of such pleasure – to communicate with their own kind from neighboring apartments or entrances. But in private sectors, dogs even with great pleasure notify the area with their howl. As soon as one dog in the yard howls, all the others join it.
  • Howl as an expression of discontent. Dogs are highly emotional. It is alien to them to hide emotions, whether it be joy, sadness, or dissatisfaction with the current situation. The pet may start howling before procedures that he does not like – washing, cutting, brushing teeth or bandaging wounds. And they do it so skillfully that sometimes the “execution” is postponed.
  • Howl like drawing attention. Dogs, especially young ones, require increased attention to themselves, they want to be petted and played. And often, howling is another way to remind the owner of yourself. In this situation, you need to pay attention to him only after the howling stops.
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Is it possible to wean a dog to howl and how to do it

If the pet actively reacts to any sounds – an alarm siren, music, howling of other dogs, then in this case you just need to wait for them to stop.

In the event of a lonely howling, when no one is at home, you should think about entertainment for your beloved dog. You can equip it with rubber toys, squeaks, and also leave the radio on so that the dog can hear that he is not alone. At the same time, returning home, you need to surround the animal with attention, caress and play with it.

how to wean a dog to howl

You can devote some time to weaning, going out the door, and returning only after the good behavior of the four-legged friend. The pet must understand that its owner will return to him, only on condition of silence.

If howling is an easy way to get attention, then ignore it if possible. The dog should not achieve what he wants in this way.

In this case, the training method is also successfully applied. As soon as the dog starts to howl, you need to give it a clear command: “Speak!” and accompany it with praise. Then the command “Quiet!” Is given in the same tone. Of course, initially you should not expect complete obedience, but as soon as the pet obeyed, you must answer: “Good.” And be sure to reinforce success with your favorite delicacy. In the process of training, the last phrase must be pronounced later and later, increasing the time. Dogs catch everything on the fly, and they will soon learn to understand and execute these commands.

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There are situations when a dog “outgrows” its small inclinations, and, having ceased to gnaw shoes and make puddles, the animal throws and howls.

Of course, weaning is necessary if howling for a dog is a common whim, an activity out of boredom. In other cases, he helps her to tell about her problems and needs, is a means of communication or a way to have fun, sing. After all, pets also have the right to vote.

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